Veterans Benefits"Serving those who Served"
If you or your spouse served 90 days of active military service during wartime, there is a good chance you will qualify for a monthly cash befit to pay for your care.
Veteran & Spouse - $2,085.00/month
Veteran Only - $1,758.00/month
Surviving Spouse - $1,130.00/month

Call us if you have been denied benefits.

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The Basic Qualifications are:

  • 90 consecutive days full-time active duty.
  • Must have a need for Assisted Living.
  • Must have a financial need.
  • There is no specific asset limit; it is determined on a case by case basis.
  • NOTE: if you were told you were over the asset limit, call us NOW!


  1. Call us to pre-qualify by phone.
  2. Set up your FREE consultation to determine what benefits you can claim.
  3. We can help you navigate the necessary paperwork to claim your benefit
Assisted Living Benefits informational video.